Hmoob ntaus Boxing nyob Meskas Teb
  • 20 January, 2017
  • 113

Duarn Vue Fighting For Recognition at FloBoxing Fight Night There are few Hmong fighters in the United States and arguably none as accomplished as Madison, Wisconsin's Duarn "The Storm" Vue. Sporting an undefeated record of 10-0-2 and quickly gaining the attention from the boxing world, Vue looks to impress in his first nationally broadcast fight when he takes on Iowa's Lance Williams (7-6) this Friday night at FloBoxing Fight Night at Grand Casino Hinckley. Vue's story is a unique one, and he says the support he gets from the Hmong community in the United States is huge as he continues to grow and develop.  He'll count on their support this weekend to make a splash and take his career to the next level. "I was born in a war-torn country," Vue told FloBoxing. "I was a few months old when my family decided to escape to Thailand. During, my mother and father had to make a decision to leave me in the jungle because my crying would give us away. We stayed in Thailand until I was 3 years old, then we came to the U.S, where I grew up in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I moved to Madison, Wisconsin, going on four years (ago). "Hmong people are very cultured people. We are spread out around the world. There are approximately 500,000 in the US and about 10,000,000 in China and many more around the world. No matter what, we all connect with each other.  They already rally behind me. We expect a nice following for this show, but so many are anxious for what I have in store in April." Behind Vue's success is trainer and manager Murid Muhammad, who runs "Supreme Hits Boxing," which is quickly becoming one of the top stables for talent in the Midwest. "We are actually two companies: Supreme Hits Boxing LLC and Supreme Hits Promotions LLP," Muhammad said. "We began on January 10 of 2000. We first began to train and develop amateurs to compete on a high level and carry out our vision and mission. The vision is to become world leaders in the cause for change. Our mission is to make champions in and out of the ring. "Supreme Hits Boxing LLC is the company that trains and manages our athletes, while Supreme Hits Promotions LLP is our promotional company, and we have done something that hasn't been done before and that is give certain fighters signed with us a percentage share of the company. This makes them partners on the promotional side. The late, great Muhammad Ali said to us we were the only ones truly walking in his footsteps. " Vue won't be the only Supreme Hits fighter featured Jan. 20 on  Deonte Wilson of Milwaukee, WI (5-1) will face Minnesota's Delorien Caraway in a crossroads border battle fight that has many fans talking. "I know he is a tough Minnesota fighter with quick hands," Wilson said. "He likes to put on a show for the crowd, [and he is] a good fighter. What you can expect from me is skills. I will put my skills on display on January 20. " How to Watch FloBoxing Fight Series: Brant vs. Hloros On TV: Now Available on Roku & Apple TV 4 STREAMING: Available only on FloBoxing. Sign up today for $20 monthly or $150 yearly. Yearly FloPRO access gets you premium content and events from ALL FloSports sites, including FloCombat, FloWrestling, and FloGrappling.   Cr.

Tsheb hmoob thaib dov toj
  • 20 January, 2017
  • 111

Nyob rau hnub tim 9 lub 1 hlis ntuj no tau muaj ib lub tsheb hmoob vigo qis tau dov toj poob qab ke siab kawg nkaus cov neeg nyob rau hauv lub tsheb kuj raug mob mi ntsis thiab xwv tab sis lub tsheb yej ntsoog tag nrho nyob rau lub as npaws mejvas lub xeeb chiangmai peb tsoom hmoob kuj tuaj sib pab rub tau lawm thiab yog peb hmoob sib koom siab li peb pom no ces kuj zoo lawm thiab peb hmoob tsis hais nyob rau lub teb chaws twg los yuav tau sib hlub nawb hmoob. Nias qhov link mus saib video

Hmoob lub tsiab peb caug loj tshaj plaws nyob miskas teb
  • 19 January, 2017
  • 107

Hmong residents will be saying “Nyob zoo xyoo tshiab” or “happy New Year,” as thousands gather in Fresno for two events filled with food, culture, competitions and people. The largest Hmong New Year festival in the U.S. will kick off at the Fresno Fairgrounds on Dec. 26, attracting thousands of people from all over the nation. The Hmong International New Year will last through Jan. 1, and feature vendors selling Hmong wares and food. Several competitions also will take place, including volleyball, flag football and top-spinning. Kato, a game similar to volleyball, but using the feet instead of hands, will also be played. A singing competition and traditional dance competition featuring Hmong, Thai and Lao dancing also is set for the event. The Miss Hmong International New Year Pageant will crown Miss HINY 2017 after a four-day contest. The festival comes at the end of a string of celebrations throughout California that began Oct. 8 in Oroville, stretching through November and December in Chico, Stockton, Sacramento, San Diego and Merced. The celebration in Fresno typically brings residents from the Minneapolis area, which has the largest Hmong population in the country. Fresno and Merced are behind only Sacramento for the highest population of Hmong residents in California. Charlie Vang, the executive director of the Hmong International New Year Foundation, said he hopes to see a variety of people at the celebration to try out the food, and most important, to get a taste of the culture. “This is for everyone, not just for the Hmong people,” he said. The festivities on the first day are the most important in terms of tradition, Vang said, but each day has food, entertainment, competitions and vendors that will give others a view into Hmong life. Less than two miles away from the fairgrounds, a smaller, more traditional open-field celebration will take place at Calwa Park from Dec. 22 through 24. The Calwa Park celebration will begin with an on-site parade and ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10 a.m. on Thursday, then focus on traditional blessings on the first day, a custom that goes back 1,000 years, said Sara Thao, events director with the United Hmong Council in Fresno. The festival will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and will be similar to the Hmong International New Year event, with food and competitions. This is the first year the two celebrations will not have overlapping dates, Thao said. The festivals have taken place on the same days since the smaller one’s inception seven years ago. Thao said it was decided by the United Hmong Council to change it this year. They expect up to 5,000 people to attend the three-day event this year due to the date change, which is 2,000 more than they usually see, Thao said.

Poj niam Hmoob raug tua nyob Tak, Thaib Teb
  • 18 January, 2017
  • 2076

Nag hmo thaum 9 moos tsaus ntuj (Hnub 17 Lub 1 Hli ntuj). Tus Poj niam Hmoob hu ua Praphada Yangkirikun nyob lub zos 13 xeev Tak. Tau raug tub sab tua tuag nyob hauv nws lub tsev. Kuj tsis paub tias yog vim dab tsi thiab leej twg yog tus tua. Hnub no cov tub ceev xwm tau mus xawb hauv ib lub tsev ua lawv xa tias tej zaum yog tus tub sab tuaj tua. tiam sis kuj tsis ntsib tu ua lawv xav tias yog tub sab. Tam sim no cov tub ceev xwm tab tom nrhiav tias leej twg yog tus tua thiab vim li cas ho mus tua tu poj niam ntawv.   Cr. Phopphra Post

Scholarships rau cov tub ntxhais kawm ntawv nyob Meskas teb
  • 17 January, 2017
  • 113

The Hmong American Education Fund 2017-18 scholarship tau qhib txais cov me nyuam kawm ntawv ua yog Hmoob. es xav thov nyiaj pab nqi kawm ntawv. mus rau npe los mus siab tias lawav muaj kev pab dab tsi tau hauv  Hnub no mus txog rau hnub 17 lub 3 hli ntuj lov txog no.   Cr.  

Hmong student repays supporters with high scores (Ntxhais Hmoob Ntxom nyem rau siab kawm ntawv)
  • 17 January, 2017
  • 736

Thamolwan Wang at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. (Photo from Kunlachart Junlapen Facebook account) The generosity of many anonymous donors has helped an ethnic Hmong student to continue her studies after poverty almost forced her to abruptly end her education. Thamolwan Wang decided to quit her studies at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi in Pathum Thani in January last year after just one semester to return home to help her parents in Chiang Kham district in Phayao. Knowing his promising student was packing her bags and preparing to leave the campus for good, Kunlachart Junpalen, who is her advisor, posted her story on his Facebook account seeking help. The response was amazing with assistance pouring in and allowing her to carry on. Ms Thamolwan, who was born to a Hmong family in the northern province, had a Grade Point Average of 3.07. She said at home last year that she wanted to ease the financial burden on her mother and would go to work so that her sister could attend nursing school. Loans from the Student Loan Fund were not enough to cover her outgoings, she added. The young student, who was studying textile chemical engineering at the university, was able to postpone that plan thanks to from donors after the story was shared on the social media. Ms Thamolwan returned to the university and Mr Kunlachart posted an update on his student on Sunday, saying she received an A in all subjects last semester, making her cumulative GPA at 3.32. "I hoped everybody who supports this good student is proud of her. Thank you," he wrote. Wilailak Saengsrichan, a coordinator of the King Rama V Foundation in Chiang Kham, one of the sponsors, said Ms Thamolwan intends to return home after getting her degree to preserve Hmong textiles. "Nong Da is an example of a student with determination who is doing her best for her future and the future of her family," Mrs Wilailak said, referring to the student by her nickname.   Cr.  

Hmong vietnam market
  • 16 January, 2017
  • 89

Xov xwm hmoob nyab laj lub kiab khw nyob rau sapa nyob rau lub teb chaws nyab laj kev lag luam ntawm peb haiv hmoob nyab laj kuj mus zoo peb hmoob yeej ib txwm nyiam mus kav kiab kav khw tsis hais nyob rau lub teb chaws twg los xij peb hmoob nyiam ua lag ua luam ib yam li lwm haiv neeg thiab tus tuaj muag qaib muag npua muag txiag laj txhiam xwb txhua nrho los muaj tas li yam lom zem xauv npo zoo li no li.

Tub sab nyiag mi nyuam
  • 15 January, 2017
  • 609

Nyob rau phab asia tam sim no muaj tub sab nyiag mi nyuam coj mus tau yuav tsis paub tias lawv tua kaus tej saib ntsws plawv raum coj mus ua dab tsi li tam sim no nyob rau lub teb chaws thaib teb chaws nplog muaj ntau thaj chaw muaj cov tub sab nyiag mi nyuam no yog li sawv daws yuav tau ceev faj tej mi nyaum kom zoo txhob cia mi nyuam nyob ib leeg tom tej uas tsis muaj tus saib nyuas .

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