Khee Xov xwm qub tua 1 niam txiv 1 tug mev hais
  • 11 November, 2017
  • 194

A juror from the panel that decided an insanity defense in a triple homicide case said Friday that jurors' intentions were clear — that Dan Popp should be held criminally responsible and go to prison, not a secure mental hospital. Jerry Biggart, who served as jury foreman, spoke Friday, a day after the trial ended with confusion about the verdict forms and a judge's decision to withhold judgment. To find a defendant not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect, at least 10 jurors agree the defendant is both ill and that because of the illness, he "lacked the substantial capacity" to know his actions were wrong, or to act lawfully even when he realizes his action is wrong. On the initial verdict form in Popp's case, the jury circled "Yes" as the answer to both questions: was he mentally ill, and did the illness prevent him knowing his actions were wrong, or from resisting them. The votes appeared to be 11-1 on the first issue and 10-2 on the second. But after getting the verdicts Thursday afternoon, Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Jeffrey Conen conferred with the lawyers instead of announcing them to the court. Later, he asked the jury to clarify its verdicts on some new forms, and in about five minutes the jury returned the new forms. Now it was 11-1 that Popp was ill, but 10-2 that he nevertheless could have known the murders were wrong or stopped himself from killing the victims on March 6, 2016. Biggart said he was in the dissent on the second point, that but the majority was clear all along that they wanted Popp to go to prison, not a hospital. Popp's attorney, Christopher Hartley, plans to challenge the results. "I think the second verdict is null and void," he said. "My motion will be to accept the first verdict, and if that's not granted, I'll have to argue against the second." Conen set a hearing on post-verdict motions for January. In the meantime, Popp remains jailed. If the jury's verdict stands, he would face mandatory life imprisonment. If found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect, he would be committed indefinitely to a secure state mental hospital. Popp, 41, had pleaded no contest in September to three counts of first-degree intentional homicide for the deaths of Phia and Mai Vue and Jesus Manso-Perez, and one of attempted homicide for shooting at Manso-Perez's son, inside the four-unit apartment building near S. 92nd St. and W. Beloit Road where they all lived. He also pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. At Popp's penalty phase trial, Manso-Perez's son and the Vue's teenage daughter testified about how Popp shot their parents. He confronted Manso-Perez and his son in the hallway and shot the father in the face. The son was able to escape a second shot aimed at him. Then Popp broke into the Vues' apartment. The victims and their four children, and the children's aunt, were hiding in a bedroom. Popp pulled out Phai Vue and shot him in the bathroom, then told the rest of the family to follow him upstairs to his apartment. He later killed Mai Vue upstairs, but did not physically harm her two youngest children. The couple's son had escaped out the bedroom window, and their oldest daughter and her aunt ran outside from the main hallway. Popp was arrested without incident outside the building a few minutes later. Jurors saw video of him acting strangely in a police wagon and during attempted interrogations with detectives, but also heard his phone calls from the jail days and weeks later in which he sounded more coherent.  Two court-appointed mental health experts testified that Popp, who had been involuntarily committed at the county mental health complex for eight days in 2008, suffered from bipolar disorder and some schizophrenia, and was under the delusion at the time of the killings that his victims were "cybernetic" terminators there to harm children. Both experts felt Popp was not faking his condition, and met the standard for Wisconsin's insanity defense. In closing arguments, Hartley called the evidence overwhelming, but Assistant District Attorney Paul Tiffin reminded the jury the experts' opinions are only advisory and the jury makes the decision. After the verdict, members of the Vue family, and other Hmong-American advocates held a news conference. They talked of their grief and of frustrations that Popp could even raise an insanity defense. Txoos Vang, Mai Zue's father, spoke in Hmong about coming to America in 1988, choosing to live in Wisconsin and raising his family, which now includes 26 grandchildren. His son translated to English, saying that the crimes have left Vang angry and disappointed in America. Mai Zue's younger sister,  Khou Xiong, and her husband Dan are now raising the dead couple's children, who all appeared with her at the news conference. She said her sister had just earned a degree in logistics, and her family was planning to buy a house in Oshkosh.

Txiv lom niam kom tuag. Mi nyuam tsis paub noj tau tuag.
  • 27 October, 2017
  • 2144

Xov xwm txaus ntshai muaj 3 tug mi nyuam hmoob vaj noj qhaub cij tuag nyob zos noos hais, nroog mias moj, xeev vias cas uas tau tag sim neej thaum hnub tim 25/10/2017, tsev neeg tau hais paub tias leej txiv mus hauj lwm vias cas los txog tom kev ntawm cov khw muaj qhaub ci Xim Qhais nws tau yuav ib lub qhub cij paj teb los noj, tab sis lub sij hawm thaum nws caij tsheb muaj neeg coob coob ces leej txiv txaj muag noj cia li muab cia lawm, thaum los txog tsev mi nyuam dhia daj vog tuaj tos ces leej txiv txawm cev lub qhaub cij rau tus hlob nqa mus txiav ua 3 ya faib lawv 3 viv ncaus noj, tus hlob tseem xaiv qhov qab noj yav nruab nrab thaum lawv 3 leeg noj tas nrho xwb ces tus hlob hais tau kiag 2 lo lus tias niam kuv sab heeb no xwb ces vau hlob lawm, leej niam mus saib twb tuag lawm hos 2 tug tab tom yuav tuag lawv muab tsaws rau saum tshev luv thaiv xa mus tsev kho mob twb tsis tau txog siav tu lawm thiab mas txaus hlub heev li, pab mi nyuam no tus hlob muaj 7 xyoo ntau, tus nrab muaj 5 xyoo ntau thiab tus yaus muaj 4 xyoos. 2 niam txiv no muaj mi nyuam tag nrho 4 leeg tuag 3 tug no lawm tshuav ib tug noj mis lawm xwb, thiab yog ib tse neeg txom nyem heev, nkawv 2 niam txiv yog hmoob xeem vaj nyob xeev khuam tab sis nkawv tuaj xauj tsev nyob rau ntawm noos hais uas yog lub zos nas paj phaij, xeev vias cas, tus txiv ua hauj lwm tsav tsheb nrau kev hos tus niam zov mi nyuam. pab mi nyuam no tuag tau txaus hlub heev li nawb kwv tij hmoob cov mi nyuam no hnav mi khaub ncaws khaub hlab nyho xwb twb tuag nag hmo tsaus ntuj lawm hnub no tsaus ntuj twb tsis tau tu zam li os, lawv muab tus hlob los ua dab ua qhua xwb hos 2 tug yau ces cia li coj mus faus thaum tsaus ntuj tim 26 no lawm xwb.

Hmoob thaib mu ua kev tu siab rau huab tais thaib tuag pub 1 xyoos
  • 20 October, 2017
  • 473

hnub tim 13/10/2017 no cov hmoob nyob teb chaws thaib tau nqa ib co paj daj kwv yees li muaj 10 tawm tsheb mus ua kev tus siab rau huab tais thaib tuag puv 1 xyoos rau lub 10 hli vasthib 13 no nyob nram bangkok. กลุ่มเกษตรกรชาวม้งจาก อ.พบพระ จ.ตาก ผู้น้อมสำนึกในพระมหากรุณาธิคุณเป็นล้นพ้นหาที่สุดมิได้ ชาวม้งกลุ่มนี้คือหนึ่งในแรงบันดาลใจที่ทำให้พวกเราชาวชุมชนปากคลองตลาด ตั้งใจและมุ่งมั่นที่จะทำในสิ่งที่ใครๆก็บอกว่าเป็นไปไม่ได้และไม่มีทางเป็นไปได้ ให้บังเกิดขึ้นให้จงได้ พวกเขาเหล่านี้ได้ลงมือปลูกต้นกล้าดาวเรืองและบ่มเพาะเลี้ยงดูอย่างพิเศษที่สุด เพื่อจะนำมาร่วมในงาน เพียงแค่ได้ยินว่า เรากำลังจะทำอะไร เพียงแค่นั้น ทำให้เกิดคำถามขึ้นมาในใจเราว่า " เรา พยายามเพียงพอแล้วหรือยัง "

Tub sab tua hmoob hib khwb nyob thaibteb
  • 12 October, 2017
  • 483

Nyob rau hnub no xov xwm hauv facebook tau tso ib qho xov xwm tsis zoo hnub no tim 12/10/217 sim hawm hnub qaij tav li  4-5 moos tsaus ntuj ntawv tus tuag no npe hu ua lis xyooj nyob rau lub zos hib khwb tau raug tub sab tsis paub leej twg tau tua raug nws tuag lawm nyob rau hauv lub tsheb muaj nws pab niam tub nrog nws caij tsheb ua ke thiab ces kuj raug nws tus ntxhais sab kawg tsis paub qhov zoo thiab tsis zoo sib npaug no raws li xov xwm hmoob tau tham hais li no

Tub Hmoob miskas raug police tua nyob st.paul
  • 7 October, 2017
  • 865

Jeffrey Gedatus was driving his pickup down a dimming St. Paul street Thursday evening when a woman ran frantically in front his vehicle, banged on his passenger window — and soon relayed a tale about gunshots and cocaine. “My husband is trying to kill me!” the stranger screamed as he let her in and drove her to his home a couple of blocks away. On the way, she said her husband shot twice but missed both times, putting two bullets in a wall of their Dayton’s Bluff home in the 400 block of Earl Street. “She worried he might do something to the kids, but she didn’t have time, didn’t have time to get them out of there. She had to get out as fast as she could,” said Gedatus, a barber on St. Paul’s West Side. The couple had five kids, neighbors said: four young girls, all younger than 10, and an infant boy, maybe six months old. Once safe in Gedatus’ home, the woman called her sister, telling her that her husband flew off the handle on drugs. “It made him crazy,” she cried. Police qualified the early evening call as a “violent domestic.” After a standoff in which the children were let out the front door, neighbors said officers pursued the 28-year-old husband, Phumee Lee, from the home and shot him on a street just around the corner. Lee died at the scene. Neighbors gave wildly divergent estimates of the number of shots fired — one said a dozen, another 30, another four or five.A woman who answered the door Friday at a home identified in court records as belonging to Lee’s parents said the family didn’t want to comment. “I’ve been here 20 years. I never see anything like that,” said Yer Moua, whose Euclid Street driveway Lee died in, just beside a bullet-riddled recycling bin. Three neighbors who saw the body said Lee was shot multiple times in the head and upper chest. A police dog was on top of him, before being pulled off. “A K-9 was chewing on his neck and (expletive),” said Timothy Sanford-Bailey, who lives across the street. “There was a lot of damage to him.” When asked whether Lee appeared conscious, Sanford-Bailey said, “It didn’t look like it. If he was, not for long.” Ken Krieglmeier, who lives adjacent to where Lee was shot, dug a shotgun shell casing and pellets from his lawn. His wife’s car was leaking fluid, pockmarked with pellet or bullet holes. Krieglmeier said he heard the gunshots and ran out on his front lawn to see Lee on the ground with a head wound. “He was done,” Krieglmeier said. Both he and Moua said they didn’t see a gun on or near Lee. St. Paul police gave some preliminary information about the 6 p.m. incident during a press conference later that night. They noted they wouldn’t be adding anything Friday morning, as the case had been turned over to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. St. Paul police officers confer near the scene of an officer-involved-shooting in the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood on Oct. 5, 2017. (Nick Woltman / Pioneer Press) During the evening press conference, police said that they received a 911 call from the woman and met with her. They then went around the corner to see if the kids were OK. Police tried calling the man to come out of the home and saw children looking out an upstairs window, according to dispatches captured by MN Police Clips. The children came out of the home and said their father had left. As officers searched the house, police outside reported seeing a man who matched the suspect’s description behind a garage, according to the emergency radio traffic. During the Thursday press conference, police did not detail what led officers to fire their guns. Sgt. Mike Ernster, a St. Paul police spokesman, said a gun was located at the scene, though he did not say where it was found. “During the search, the suspect was located,” he said. “As officers contacted the suspect and at some point during this incident, shots were fired and the suspect was struck.” A neighbor who asked not to be named said the couple moved into the Earl Street house, which was a rental, about a year ago. They moved to the East Side from the city’s Frogtown neighborhood. “They were not the best neighbors. Constant traffic,” the neighbor said. “Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday was party time.” While the BCA and Ramsey County medical examiner listed Lee at a Frogtown address, neighbors said he seemed to live at the Earl Street home. The owner of the home, reached at work, declined immediate comment. HISTORY OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Lee has been convicted of domestic assault three times, once as a felony and twice as a misdemeanor for inflicting or attempting to inflict bodily harm. His felony conviction was in 2012. According to the complaint in that case, the felony incident occurred back when Phumee Lee and his wife, identified then as a 28-year-old woman with the initials L.C.V., were living on Lafond Avenue in Frogtown. A witness called police and said she saw the woman “cowering in the corner of the room holding her 7-month-old child, crying and with visible red marks on her neck along with redness and swelling underneath her left eye.” Police came to the home and interviewed the woman as Lee began yelling at her in Hmong. She said Lee got angry and started kicking her as she was driving him home and continued to assault her when they arrived, shoving her head into a closet door and punching her with a closed fist. Police observed multiple bruises and marks on her body. The complaint also detailed what a 911 caller said they saw when the couple arrived. “The male tried to pull the female into the house, but the female held onto the doorframe as if to keep from getting pulled into the house. The male then began hitting the female on her arms and hands to get her to let go of the doorframe. The male did pull the female into the house,” the complaint said. The following day, the woman told police that she’d been told to leave the house. “Lee’s parents are upset with L.C.V. because Lee was arrested for this incident. … Lee’s parents no longer want her living in their home, so she had to pack and move from their residence on Lafond,” the complaint said she told police. The remainder of Lee’s criminal record, which dates back to 2007, also includes careless driving, use of fictitious name on a driver’s license, driving without a valid driver’s license, and a second-degree DWI. At the time of his death he was facing charges for possession of a firearm and another DWI. As of Thursday afternoon, the BCA had not released additional details about the case, which they noted was “in the very early stages of its investigation.” St. Paul police recently began wearing body cameras and several were on during the incident, Ernster said. According to a new state law, body camera footage of fatal police incidents, or any incident in which an officer causes substantial bodily harm, is qualified as public information.

Hmoob thaib tsheb sib tsoo
  • 30 September, 2017
  • 851

Hnub tim 28/9/2017 nyoab rau lub zos khej me khaumqhob tau muaj ib lub tsheb thaib nrau lub tsheb hmoob ua rau 1 tug xaim hos 5 leeg raug mob kev puas sij zaum no tsis paub zoo tias yog tus tsav tsheb qaug cawv lawm los yog vim ntuj los nag kev nplua ua rau 2 lub tsheb los sib tsoo zaum no .

ib khub nkauj nraug cov laus tsis pom zoo sib yuav nkawv mus dai tuag
  • 24 September, 2017
  • 1636

Xov xwm hnub tim 22/9/2017 xov xwm hauv fb tau hais tawm tias muaj ib khub hluas nkauj hluas nraug nkawv niam thiab txiv 2 tog tsis pom zoo ces nkawv tau mus dai tuag tab sis tus tub txoj hluas tsis ruaj ces tu ces tus tub hlua tu poob los lawm ces tus tub tsis tuag ho tus ntxhais txoj hlua ruaj zog ces tus nntxhais tau tas sim neej lawm nkawv nyob rau teb chaws nplog tsis teev lub zos thiab lub xeev.

Vauv miskas yuav poj niam hmoob nws rov tua nws 3 tug mi nyuam
  • 21 September, 2017
  • 920

Xov xwm tu siab ib tug poj niam hmoob mus yuav tau ib tug txiv miskas hu ua robert Hdges 33 xyoos xov xwm tau hais tawm tias hnub tim 16-9-2017 tus txiv tau muab nkawv peb tug mi nyuam thiab tus poj niam tua no tab sis tus poj niam hmoob khiav tau tawm mus lawm ces tus txiv tau muab nws 3 tug mi nyuam tua tuag tas lawm tom qab tus poj niam coj police mus txog tus poj niam hmoob tau hais tawm tais nkawv muaj mi ntsis lus sib cav sib ceg xwb no tab tsis paub qhov tseeb tias yog li cas tiag tam sim no police coj tus vauv miskas no coj mus kaw lawm

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